015 – Yuva Krishna

हम कृष्ण पर होने वाले अनेक हमलों के बारे में जानेंगे। हम ये भी देखेंगे की कृष्ण कैसे हमको उनको पाने का रास्ता दिखाते है। इसके साथ ही हम एक घमंडी देवता का घमंड कृष्ण द्वारा टूटता हुआ देखेंगे।


4 thoughts on “015 – Yuva Krishna”

  1. fabulously fantastic. We have heard these little Krishna’s stories many times, but the way you tell them, makes them more interesting. Also the manner of drawing meaning from them is also great. For example, we have heard story of stealing clothes of Gopi(s) while the take bath in the river. But you told meaning of the story as well. And this makes your podcast amazing.
    I also liked the way you started today’s episode…” I feel guilty for leaving Krishna tied in rope for so weeks”… hahaha. awesome. GREAT JOB ATUL!!!


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