007 – Birth Of Heroes And Villains

आज हम देखेंगे की हमारे नायकों और खलनायकों का जन्म कैसे होता है। हम जानेंगे की कैसे युधिष्ठिर पहले पैदा होने के बाद दुर्योधन को बड़ा कैसे माना जा सकता है।


12 thoughts on “007 – Birth Of Heroes And Villains”

  1. Such an amazing podcast! Been listening to it since morning and I cannot stop! My mother is currently listening to it while doing her school work haha. Thanks sir for creating such an amazing podcast! Keep producing! Wish to it learn more from you.


  2. I am eagerly waiting for next episodes of mahabharat podcast. When will you upload the Remaining episodes? Its been approx 2 months since you last uploaded.


  3. Hi Atul
    24 ka hogaya mein par aaj tak mahabharat padhne ya sun ne mein i terest nahi aya.

    After listening to ur podcasts i kind of starting liking it…amazing stuff the way u narrating it.Loved it. Keep on the good work brother!!


  4. Hi Atul, I have recently started listening to your podcast and it is amazing. You explain the story in an engaging way although I am only at 7th episode now. Hoping you will continue to make this podcast to the end.

    Looking forward to listening more episodes.

    Thank you for making this


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