012 – Marriage of Pandava’s

आज हम अर्जुन और कर्ण की पहली मुठभेड़ देखेंगे। हम पांडवों की द्रौपदी से शादी के बारे में भी जानेंगे। हम ये भी जानेंगे की द्रुपद इस शादी क बारे में क्या सोचते हैं


13 thoughts on “012 – Marriage of Pandava’s”

  1. Oh My God!!! Atul… This is by far my favorite episode. (actually i used to say this after listening every new episode). You have done really a huge research to make this episode. There are many stories in it which we have never heard from anyone, like 5 Indras, 16 days pre-celebration of Draupadi’s Swayamwar. I guess, tremendous efforts have been put to provide us this amount of information. Thank you.

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  2. Hey man, I have been listening to your podcast these couple of days. We have so much treasure, so many archetypes! It is almost addictive,
    There are way too many layers in Mahabharata and I would really love if you would try to explore all of them, I dont know but if Pandavas are getting married in the twelfth episode you might be hurrying a bit I guess, Okay, all I want is to reach the deepest layer of Mahabharata. I understand if you are concerned about common audience not wanting to go that way. But I think that is what would make your podcast extraordinary.


    1. Thanks for writing. I am going into details when necessary but Mahabharat is too long to be recited in an unabridged format (at least too long for me to recite anyways). It dwindles on and on about trivial things and most of them appear to be future addendums to the original additions which do not have any resemblances or show any belonging to the characters in the story. It would be impossible for me to talk about Mahabharat in its entirety.
      If you really want to get into every single sub-story and all the details, I would advise you to read Mahabharat in text. Sorry!


  3. Yes, I am planning on reading it. But I guess your perspective makes it more interesting.
    I think I have not appreciated your podcast enough. I am desperately waiting for next episodes.


  4. Really tremendous efforts and nicely put the whole complex story in the best possible way ! Eagerly waiting for more episodes!!!


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